Case Studies

Blue Bell Creameries – Efficient Packaging Printing

Blue Bell Creameries and ABX Packaging worked closely in resolving the surface printed ink issue for Blue Bell packaging. ABX worked with their experienced technical team through product development and graphic enhancements which then provided a ‘flexographic friendly’ solution quickly and effectively. This generated a brand new ink system, therefore, Blue Bell Creamery, now have their one product supplier concern resolved.

Hello Bello – Diapers in 30 Days

The developmental process from start-up to commercialized is a vital part of a company's success rate. Having a supplier that is well versed within your industry is essential. ABX understood the needs of Hello Bello and provided a smooth transition within 30 days, error free.

Wolverine Packing Co. – On-time Deliveries & Support

Stocked by 250 different brands and 4,000 different protein products, Wolverine works to provide the best packaging experience for you. With extensive research and product development, our holistic approach to understanding the materials and machines at hand, gave us the information needed to pinpoint and resolve any potential obstacles.

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