From individual portions to large format
applications, if you want to put it in a pouch,
we can make it happen. With an unlimited
array of substrate combinations and pouch
configurations, up to 10 color graphics capabilities,
crystal-clear windows to show off the product
inside, all levels of oxygen and moisture barrier,
ABX will help you stand up and stand out.

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Pouch Rollstock

We offer pouch rollstock for you to convert into a wide range of pouches, with both high barrier and standard barrier characteristics. Use these films for pillow pouches, stand up pouches, vacuum pouches, or virtually any other type, size, and shape of pouch you can imagine. Our technical experts will collaborate with you to ensure the rollstock runs consistently and efficiently on your machines.

Stand Up Pouches

The most common pouch design. Ideal for anything from breakfast granola to after-dinner cookies, we offer stock options and custom-designed pouches. Options for stand up pouches include easy tear tabs, resealable closures, hangable designs, clear windows for product visibility, and more.

Gusseted pouches

Add volume to your packaging, with bottom or side gussets. Gusseted pouches are ideal for maintaining the freshness of food or other products. With an array of resealable options, like folded tabs or valves, you can customize what aromas your customers experience right on the shelf.

Vacuum Pouches

Sealed in an airtight environment with barrier properties to protect your product, vacuum pouches are ideal for products that need extended shelf life. Recent popular applications also include a specialty film for sous vide products developed by ABX.

Two and Three Side Seal Pouches

Our two and three side seal pouches are sturdy for packing and distribution but allow for the consumer’s easy opening. Available with a clear window so products can be seen.

Pillow Pouches

Known as the original pouch design, pillow pouches are used primarily for snack foods like chips and candy. Featuring heat seals at the top and bottom, they are easy for consumers to peel open and are available in resealable or non-resealable designs.

Liquid Pouches

Our liquid pouches can exhibit a variety of characteristics, from high barrier protection to extreme temperature resistance. Ideal for bulk foodservice operations to transport juices and sauces or specialty chemical packaging like liquid ice or heat packs, liquid pouches offer a more sustainable option than traditional glass or rigid plastic liquid containers.

Pouches by ABX

ABX offers a wide variety of flexible pouch designs to meet your product specifications, whether for protection, presentation or both. Whether for food, drinks, household chemicals, mixes, powders, and more – we can develop the correct structure to keep in what you want to stay in - flavors, smells, and moisture - and keep out what you want to keep out - light, oxygen, and aromas.

Custom Design Process

Our intimate design approach puts you and your product first. The customization of your package begins and ends with you. All our pouches provide stability and maximum branding opportunities on the flat bottom, sides, front, and back.

Stand Out on the Shelf

The options are virtually endless, offering crystal-clear windows, up to 10-color graphics, and a wide variety of re-sealable closures, spouts, and fitments. We can finish it off with hanging holes, handles, and tear notches of all shapes and sizes.

Maximum Product Protection

With limitless substrates to choose from, we dial in your required barrier using laminations or coextruded films, or both. Extend your products shelf life and protect it during transportation and handling.

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