Films & Rollstock

We develop high-quality co-extruded
films, laminates, and unsupported films.
Whether you are making pillow packs
on a vertical form fill and seal, flow-wrap
on a horizontal form fill and seal, or using
forming and non-forming films on a
thermoformer, we offer a cost-effective
solution for your rollstock and film needs.

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High Performing Packaging Films

Forming & Non-forming Films

ABX cast forming webs are soft and engineered to provide excellent forming properties with great clarity, uniform thicknesses, and lay flat properties. Our market-leading forming films are available in various thicknesses, grades, and materials for a wide range of hot fill, cook-in, boilable, microwaveable, and industrial applications.

Our products are available in barrier and breathable structures and multiple laminate variations for customized horizontal form fill & seal applications. Adhesive and extrusion laminations are available in film, foil, and paper structures. Decorating capabilities are available with world-class printing technology.

Vertical Form Fill & Seal

ABX multi-layer cast films, unsupported printed films, and laminates are designed for vertical form fill & seal applications of all kinds: ambient, hot-fill, High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), and non-food. These materials, available with lap and fin seals, work well in large bulk bag applications and are made to handle extreme temperatures during blast freezing and boiling. Our VFFS films provide strength and puncture resistance for rough handling and shipping during distribution.

Horizontal Form Fill & Seal

ABX engineers a wide range of HFFS materials for food, personal care, and healthcare applications. These solutions range from crystal clear packaging for snacks to cost-effective HFFS unsupported polyolefin films for mild soaps and solutions to sophisticated barrier laminates that stand up to the most aggressive cleaners, oils, or chemistries. Combine your package with unique features like an RLII recloseable label for an all-in-one wipes packaging solution.

Specialty & Custom Films

ABX manufactures a wide variety of specialty films ranging from 1mil to 13mil thick. We offer stock options but will also manufacture materials specific to your needs.

With nine and 11-layer options, the possibilities are endless. A wide variety of lamination process technologies allows us to combine three substrates in one pass, cost-effectively providing cross-functionality. Our solutions target your needs from high barrier medical films and dry food mixes to child-resistant pool chemical packaging. Specialty films include boilable and cook-in films, sous vide films, easy-peel, colored and tinted films, recyclable films, and puncture-resistant films.

Lidding Films

Seal the deal with ABX. Our expansive portfolio of lidding products blends the perfect combination of performance, clarity, shelf life, cost, durability, and sustainability. ABX lidding films are customizable and can be combined with our large portfolio of films to create exciting solutions for print, seal type, perforation, and HPP compatibility.

Our lidding films are ideal for rigid and semi-rigid containers and HFFS applications. Our clear and white films can be decorated with up to 12 colors or customized with one of our labels for your niche products. Various peel options, using ClearSeal® technology can dial in the peel strength option you are looking for. Tamper evident options are available too.

Sachet Packaging

ABX offers laminates containing paper, poly, foil, and PET or OPP for many sachet applications. If your package needs an extreme oxygen barrier - like those found in alcohol swabs, dry food mixes, or liquids - we are masters at handling very low gauge foil. With facilities across the country and every type of lamination capability available, we can customize a solution for you.

Packaging Films by ABX

ABX cast forming webs are soft and engineered to provide excellent forming properties with great clarity, uniform thicknesses, and lay flat properties. These forming films have been designed for performance in both fresh and frozen applications. Product specifications are available in both barrier and breathable structures in order to provide you with the freshest and longest shelf life possible.

Printing & Lamination

From simple, safe handling instructions for foodservice operators to state-of-the-art printing up to 12 colors with full-color process images for maximum shelf appeal, ABX delivers high impact graphics on crystal-clear films that shine and pop on the shelf. We reverse-print our laminated products to produce eye-catching graphics protected against the rigors of the form/fill/seal process, shipping, and distribution.

In addition to up to 12 color printing for packaging, we can design and manufacture a custom label for unprinted niche applications. Our label presses and in-house art department can create exactly the art you want to promote your brand up to 12 colors.

Barrier Materials

We offer high barrier, standard barrier, low barrier, and breathable fin and lap seal materials. High barrier materials provide excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties in fresh food applications where a barrier is critical to extending shelf life. Standard barrier materials offer excellent clarity with adequate barrier protection. Low barrier materials provide outstanding visual clarity for dry foods and non-food products. Breathable materials allow oxygen transmission while maintaining a sound moisture barrier and are typically used in frozen applications such as red meat, fresh produce, and fish.

Maximum Shelf Life

Our products extend shelf life by sealing well to prevent contamination and maintain freshness. Strong and durable, our breathable and non-breathable films protect products and lock in moisture to retain quality. Available in various oxygen and moisture transmission rates.

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