Specialty &
Industrial Packaging

We combine broad film lamination capabilities,
a wide variety of substrates and materials,
and an experienced technical team to provide
unique solutions to complex challenges in military,
industrial and specialty commercial applications.
where safety, barrier protection, and shelf life
are of paramount importance.

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Specialty & Industrial Packaging

Military Specification Products

ABX is your go to source for packaging rollstock solutions for the military and Department of Defense. With a wide range of barriers, substrates and coatings available, ABX has you covered. Typical end uses and applications are NAVAIR, equipment wrap, MRE's, packaging and pouching for metal parts and bearings, multi-wall bags and liners. Our wide range of products have been developed to meet specific military types of grades, types and classes.

Customizable Industrial Laminations

Our unique customized film lamination capabilities, a wide variety of substrates, and experienced technical team offer unique solutions to your packaging security problems. We offer narrow and wide web capabilities.

Typical applications include fiber drum composites for medium to high barrier applications with a wide array of colored drum skins; child-resistant packaging for your pool chemicals and other household cleaners, multiwall rollstock for applications from pet food bags to concrete sacks; cable wrap with or without scrim reinforcement; unique thermoformed laminates and lidstocks for theft protection; and multi-use laminates or coated substrates for bakery boxes to spiral tubes.

Mil Spec Packaging

We offer an extensive line of products and a wide variety of substrates that meet or exceed several of the Military Specification requirements.

  • MIL-PRF 131

    ABX's MarvelSeal products meet MIL-PRF 131 specifications and are heat sealable, water vapor proof, high barrier, and greaseproof.

  • MIL-PRF 22191

    Our MIL-PRF 22191 line of products offer high barrier solutions in transparent packaging while remaining flexible and heat sealable.

  • MIL-PRF 121

    ABX's PK products meet MIL-PRF 121 standards and were designed for light and heavy-duty solutions, providing barriers for military supplies and equipment preservation.

  • MIL-PRF 3420

    Our expansive Zerust portfolio of products is MIL-PRF 3420 qualified and used for wrapping ferrous metals to prevent corrosion.

  • MIL-PRF 121B

    Our Milpak line of products is MIL-PRF 121B approved; these wax-coated products are ideal for wrapping pipes or other metal components to prevent corrosion.


Protective & Security Packaging

  • Specialty Chemical Protection

    ABX develops protective films that keep specialty or hazardous chemicals safe during distribution and customer use without changing the chemicals' characteristics.

  • Electronics Security

    Ensure your electronics are protected with our robust tamper proof films. Benefits include 100% light blocking and heat-sealable options as well as barrier separator sheets for light-sensitive applications.

  • Childproof Packaging

    Keep your household goods safe from exploratory family members.

  • Specialty Coatings & Films for Paperboard Products

    ABX has a wide range of coating and film solutions for folding cartons, carton stock and security packaging. With a portfolio of existing commercial products and R&D competency to develop new “customer specific” products ABX has the solution for you. We have the ability to produce multiple ply laminations in one pass utilizing multiple sources of basic paperboard as well as providing custom laminations in less than truckload quantities. Typical paper substrates offered are natural kraft (NK), natural kraft linerboard (NKLB), bleached LB and C1S bleached or SBS.


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