Working Together to
Preserve and Protect

We understand the products we make end up in
homes and restaurants worldwide. It is our responsibility
to do the best we can to minimize the environmental
impact of our operations. Whenever possible, ABX
utilizes Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin, Post
Industrial Recycled (PIR) resin, or sustainably sourced
plant-based feedstocks for extruding our films.
Paired with our multi-layer extrusion capabilities, we
are continually making strides to reduce the amount
of plastic used in our products.

Let's Work Together

Partnering to Reach Your Sustainability Goals

Today's consumers are demanding more from products when it comes to sustainability. In response,
brand owners have adopted aggressive targets for reducing the environmental impact of their packaging.
With continual down-gauging efforts and Recycle Ready films, ABX is well-equipped to support your organization's sustainability goals.

In Our Operations

We continually optimize our facilities, operations, and processes to reduce waste, save resources, and minimize the use and impact of solvents on our environment.

In Our Products

Innovation is in all we do at ABX, and it applies to sustainability as well. We partner with our customers to provide innovative solutions that meet their sustainable product needs.

Sustainability In Our Facilities

  • Recycle & Reuse Programs

    We have a two-pronged approach to waste reduction: continuously reduce the amount of scrap we generate, and divert any waste from landfills, where possible. Scrap reduction is continuously being optimized at all of our facilities. We use closed-loop edge encapsulation on extruders to minimize edge scrap. Internal scrap is recycled. We also use reusable plastic cores instead of paper cores for rollstock. Extensive waste disposal, hazardous waste, and landfill reduction programs are in place.

  • Climate Control

    Our facilities were constructed with heavy insulation to provide optimal climate control without overuse of energy to heat or cool these large buildings. Several of our facilities have upgraded to high-efficiency chillers, and most have implemented steam leak reduction programs and other climate control programs.

  • High Efficiency Lighting

    LED lighting installed reduces energy usage and enhances our facility environments. Motion sensor lighting installed throughout select warehouses helps save on lighting energy.

  • Energy Reduction

    Select equipment operates on AC drives to minimize energy consumption. We also use VFD drives and compressed air optimization to decrease energy usage.

  • Water Reduction

    Closed-loop chilling on extruders reduces water waste.


Sustainability In Our Products

  • Recyclable Products

    Recycle Ready is available in various HDPE and LDPE blends to fit applications ranging from low temperature to heat resistant temperature sealants and are available in both breathable and high barrier configurations.

  • Recycled Content

    We offer packaging made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, as well as packaging made from renewable resin, industrially-recycled material, and other sustainable solutions such as Ocean-Bound Plastics.

  • Renewable Resources

    We offer bio-based packaging options and substrates that are biodegradable, compostable, and repulpable - like Marvelcote-A.


Sustainable Solutions

  • Recycle Ready

    As a testament to our sustainable focus, ABX has developed nine recycle-ready film structures to fit various product needs. These special films are designed to replace traditional multi-layer films.

  • Lightweighting Options

    We have developed films that help customers use less plastic to protect their products while saving money.

  • Biovantage

    Introduced in 2020, this bio-sourced packaging for bakery items is ideal for organic and environmentally conscious brands.

  • MarvelCote-A™

    MarvelCote-A is the most sustainable packaging for lidding applications and is 85% repulpable - meaning most of it can be recycled into other products.

  • UltraFilm

    UltraFilm replaces the need for protein packers to wrap their bone-in products with a protectant bone guard layer, reducing the amount of plastic going to our landfills.


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