Wicketed Bags

With our state-of-the-art extrusion lines,
wide-web 10-color presses, and highly
automated robotic bag-making capabilities,
you can be assured that your bag will be perfect,
every time. We have been making wicketed
bags for over 50 years, and we continue to get
better every year through investment, innovation
and automation.

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Wicketed Bags for Every Situation

Compression Bags

Our compression bags not only look good, they
perform well too. Excellent machinability reduces downtime on your packaging equipment and improves line efficiencies. Our automated bag-making process improves efficiency and produces a more consistent product. Up to 10-color graphics deliver ultimate shelf appeal, while special features such as couponing support promotional efforts, discounts, and loyalty rewards.

Wipes Refill Bags

ABX can provide solutions for your entire line of wipes packaging, from on-the-go travel packs to large stack refills. Eye-catching graphics up to 10 colors coupled with options such as couponing, zippers, and a variety of handle styles allow you to create imaginative packaging for your brand. Add in our unique RLII semi-rigid closure or a cost-effective peel and reseal closure for unmatched value.

Bakery Bags

ABX's wicketed bags are available in smooth high-clarity cast films and robust blown films. We offer a wide range of bag formats and sizes, including conventional, round, and square bottom bags, with either zipper or wicketed finishing options. Award-winning high-impact flexographic printing up to 10 colors ensures your products stand out on the shelf - while high puncture-resistant materials reduce waste at the grocer, in transit, and at home. Proven clarity and exceptional gloss showcase products can be enhanced through creative applications such as white opaque printing with crystal-clear Freshview™ window combinations.

Bags by ABX

Our bags look great and perform even better. Eye-popping, 10-color graphics - produced by our in-house graphics team or your art house - deliver ultimate shelf appeal. In-house extrusion and state-of-the-art equipment get your ideas to market faster, while excellent machinability reduces downtime on your packaging equipment. Automated bag-making processes improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create consistent products. Our capabilities allow us to add special features, like vents and perforations, and use every type of spool and bobbin - even package on wire wickets.

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