As a GMI certified printer, ABX offers proven print
consistency and color management to maintain
your brand's unique identity. Whether it's pressure
sensitive or expanded content, we have a label
solution that will meet your needs. Beyond printing
up to 12 colors, we can make your product stand
out with special features like hot and cold foil, matte
and gloss coatings, holograms, and more. No matter
what you envision, we can make it a reality.

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The Label Solutions You Need

RLII Labels

RLII is our patented, semi-rigid, re-closable label, designed for easy use and effective moisture retention. In specific applications like wipes packaging, RLII labels are easier for one-handed use and more effective than the typical peel and re-seal label with a rigid enclosure. No matter how tall the stack of wipes - the RLII label lands in the same place every time. RLII stacks product and closes more efficiently - much like a box - ensuring the wipes inside stay moist and the label retains its adhesive integrity. This prevents dried-out, wasted product. Incorporating an accompanying flow wrap package creates an integrated label and packaging solution that visually appeals and works flawlessly together.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

ABX's pressure sensitive labels are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, shapes, and applications. We offer short lead times for high-quality printing up to 10 colors and specialty finishing such as foils, embossed graphics, holograms, and gloss and matte coatings. Color consistency and fine detail set our label printing capabilities apart from others.

Peel & Reseal Labels

These labels are designed to cleanly open a package, safely close it, and re-open it repeatedly. Peel & reseal labels can be used in various applications and are often closures on flow wrap packaging, on the top of a VFFS package, or a pouch without a zipper. ABX's patented solution works with a wide variety of films using specially-engineered adhesives to provide effective closures in the most cost-effective way possible.

Braille & Tactile Labels

ABX's braille labels meet stringent standards for medical products and devices. These labels provide warnings and instructions to visually impaired consumers, allowing brands to connect with people in new ways. Tactile labels connect consumers with your product using “feel” and give your label visual depth.

Expanded Content Labels & Folded Booklets

Expanded content labels allow you to extend instructions, text, and promotional content on small containers using a fold-out label printed on both sides. This application gives packaging designers new ways to communicate with consumers. These labels allow for the inclusion of multiple languages on a single container, government-mandated information, more space for larger text for enhanced readability, and greater design flexibility.

Two-Sided Coupons

Grab your consumer's attention with instantly redeemable coupons, fold-outs for special instructions, cross-selling product lines, and more.

Labels by ABX

ABX's extensive film and label capabilities offer our customers a one-stop partner to design and execute complex, fully-managed packaging programs. Beyond nine-color printing and specialty applications that help your products stand out on the shelf, we offer quick turn times and dedicated customer service to deliver cost-effective label solutions that are always in stock.

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