Healthcare &
Medical Packaging

ABX is your partner of choice when
it comes to packaging for healthcare
products. Whether you are packaging
pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or
drapes and gowns, ABX has you covered.

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Packaging for Healthcare Applications

Advanced Capabilities

Our healthcare packaging films are manufactured on some of the most advanced equipment in North America, utilizing both blown and cast extrusion with the capability of up to 11 layers. ABX also has unique lamination capabilities incorporating both one pass adhesive and extrusion lamination for special applications such as hard-to-hold pharma.

Wide Range of Gauges and Materials

We have the capabilities to extrude a wide range of gauges while blending a multitude of resins to meet your most demanding healthcare flexible packaging needs. Commonly used resins include nylon, ionomers such as Surlyn®, styrene-butadiene, COC, PP, PE, EVA, and metallocene.

Unique & Broad Solutions

We use cast film to create high-performance packaging. This approach offers softness, clarity, and formability. One-of-a-kind capabilities like 11-layer extrusion, extensive resin formulations, conductive printing in PEW, and high barrier foil constructions deliver comprehensive - and practical - solutions for every application.

Unmatched Capabilities

As one of two wide web coex cast film extruders in North America, we offer unique capabilities that others can't match. Our multi-process single-step production equipment allows for low-cost options without sacrificing quality or performance. Our production strength complements our ability to build strong customer relationships through superior service, tailored solutions, overall value, and fast turn times.

Medical Packaging

  • Forming Films

    A comprehensive portfolio of packaging films and laminations, including peelable lid-stock films, medical device, and IV solution overwrap films

  • Top Web

    Seals to forming films for packaging of syringes, catheters, and various medical devices

  • Rollstock

    Barrier films consisting of a wide range of materials used for medical device pouches and bags


Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Foil Extrusion Laminations

    Tandem extrusion laminations utilizing foil as the primary barrier

  • Extrusion Coated

    Excellent for medical pouches and low barrier applications

  • Hard-to-Hold Laminations

    Multiple pass extrusion and extrusion/adhesive laminations for hard-to-hold chemicals using foil as the primary barrier


Medical Packaging Applications

Pharmaceutical Sealants & Rollstock

Sealants typically used in flexible and semi-rigid laminations, and barrier film used in the manufacture of pouches and bags for biologic materials.

Surgical Suites & Medical Devices

Forming films with excellent clarity and toughness, designed for shallow and deep draw applications for medical devices.

Rollstock for Chevron Pouch & Header Bags

PET/PE laminations for chevron pouches and nylon skin coex for replacing PET/PE laminations for sealing to paper or Tyvek, which are suitable for ETO, gamma, and e-beam sterilization. Available in peelable or lock seal in 2 to 7 mil.

Flow Wrap

Available in monolayer to 7-layer configurations, our overwrap for medical devices offer crystal clear clarity in a single component package for significant material savings.

Alcohol Prep Pad

Tandem extrusion foil laminations with PE and surlyn sealants designed for extended shelf life.

IV Solution Overwrap

Overwrap for IV solutions in a variety of gauges and colors.

Conductive Coated Film

Used in electrodes, EKG, Defibrillator, and Grounding Pads. Available in silver color and a variety of gauges from 2.3 to 4 mil.

CBD and Cannabis Product Packaging

High barrier film/foil laminations used to package CBD and cannabis products for various applications where moisture/oxygen barrier is required to maintain freshness.

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