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Advanced Barrier Extrusions is focused on good manufacturing practices in order to minimize waste and energy. We have exceeded the governing requirement and continue to make ongoing improvements.

With our 9 and 11 layer extrusion process, we are always looking at down-gauging our films in order to provide a small carbon footprint.

ABX also manufactures Recycle Ready films which allow the end user to recycle plastic films that traditionally were sent to landfills.

Some of the ways we’re working to decrease our carbon footprint:

  • Building was manufactured with heavy insulation to provide excellent climate control
  • Motion sensor lighting installed throughout the warehouse to save on lighting energy
  • Extrusion equipment heats the plant over the winter
  • Closed loop chilling on extruders reduces water waste
  • All equipment operates on AC drives to minimize energy consumption
  • All internal scrap is sent out for recycling
  • Closed loop edge encapsulation on extruder to minimize edge scrap
  • Exceeds all DNR environmental requirements

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