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Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards 2021 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement (FPA) Awards!

The following information comes from the 2021 FPA Awards rundown.

Smithfield Foods

smithfield prime fresh delicatessen

We are so proud of our ABX Milwaukee team, who was an integral part of the FPA Silver Award won by Berry Global for the development of a one-of-a-kind product for Smithfield Delicatessen Meats.  Berry played a critical role in the development of the package, which expands the use of flexible packaging.  The commercialization of this project, led by ABX’s Kate Carden (Commercial) and Jennie Sabel (Product Development), consisted of developing a surface printed high barrier dual-forming film to replace a laminate for deli meats, using 30% less material. The film was developed and is extruded by Berry Global, and subsequently leverages ABX’s printing, laminating and converting expertise to strengthen the shelf appeal and commercial success of the project.

Aunt Millie’s Live Organic Breads

aunt millie's bakeries live organic breads

ABX is so proud of our Macedon team, who played an integral part in the FPA Silver Award won by Berry Global for Technical Innovation and Sustainability. The award highlighted Berry’s development of a sustainable packaging solution for Aunt Millie’s Live Organic Breads. “The Live Organic product line includes Seedful, 100% whole wheat, ancient grains and white loaves,” according to J. Bohn Popp, Executive Vice President of Brand Strategy at Aunt Millie’s Bakeries. In keeping with the “Farm to Table” organic product theme and Aunt Millie’s desire to utilize bio-sourced packaging, these bags were developed utilizing film extruded with a sustainable bio-based resin. This resin offers a lower carbon footprint by capturing the CO2 and sequestering it back into the polyethylene. The bio-based film was designed, developed and extruded by Berry Global, and subsequently printed on a 10-color press and converted into bakery bags by the ABX Macedon team. This is a renewable / sustainable feedstock that is diverse from oil and gas and eligible for “front of store” recycling.

The partnership between ABX and Berry is long lasting and we work together to create innovative flexible packaging solutions that solve the challenges experienced by our CPG customers.


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