Frozen Foods

ABX’s frozen food films are designed for durability
and to withstand extreme temperatures and
protect your frozen food products.

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Flexible Packaging for Frozen Foods

Low Temperature Protection

Breathable films allow proper oxygen transmission and maintain a good moisture barrier, so your frozen fruits and vegetables stand up against freshly harvested produce.

Variety to Fit Your Needs

Our films are robust enough to withstand transport but light enough for convenient portability, with the added bonus of eco-conscious designs.

Steam Cooking with Steam Quick®

Our proprietary Steam Quick® films offer microwave cooking in a convenient, durable pillow pouch. These films provide a hermetically sealed package, utilizing a technology that allows steam and pressure to build while safely venting near the end of the cook cycle. This steaming process helps preserve color, texture, and nutritional content.

Steam Quick offers two designs for different cooking temperatures, whether you’re packaging frozen vegetables, pre-cooked proteins, or pre-cooked meals, the food will be steamed to perfection.

  • Steam Quick® Matrix, FDA approved for microwave temperatures up to 230F
  • Steam Quick® HT, FDA approved for microwave temperatures up to 265F
frozen corn

Frozen Foods Packaging Capabilities

ABX’s flexible packaging for frozen vegetables, meats, and prepared meals is available in a variety of customizable options:

  • Rollstock
  • Preformed bags and pouches
  • Mono-web
  • Multi-layer, Extrusion and Adhesive Laminations
  • Sustainable solutions
  • 10 color, Flexographic print
  • Inno-lok
  • Laser Scoring

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