Fresh & Organic Foods

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding
that foods have a longer shelf life. ABX's
advanced film technology maintains that shelf
life, with freshness you can see.

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Flexible Packaging for Fresh & Organic Foods

Variety to Fit Your Needs

Organic foods require ultimate freshness protection, and ABX’s robust solutions offer standard barrier protection, high barrier protection, breathable films, lidding technology, and more.

Eco-Conscious Designs

With our commitment to eco-friendly options, you can expect outstanding technology that keeps your products not just fresh, but looking their best- all with the sustainable features customers want.

Asparagus in a vacuum sealed pouch.

Fresh & Organic Produce

With fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, you need the highest quality package to protect freshness. ABX’s packaging technology means you’ll get the right barriers for oxygen, moisture, and harmful UV, all while maintaining the quality and freshness consumers can see and taste. Our options include horizontal form fill & seal standard barrier films that have a wide variety of sealants, from lock seal to peelable. In addition, our vertical form fill & seal high barrier robust films have the same variety of sealant options with high oxygen and moisture barrier standards. Some fresh foods require breathable films to allow oxygen transmission while maintaining an excellent moisture barrier. ABX delivers this technology with our forming and non-forming films. No matter your fresh produce need, you’ll get the solution you’re looking for, with the quality you expect.

Freshly Prepared Meals

For freshly prepared foods and meals, our highly engineered lidding films offer robust performance for general purpose, hot-fill, and HPP applications. Our Clear-Seal™ lidding family provides versatility and performance across a wide range of mating materials. Customize your product by providing the format, appearance, seal characteristics, and performance you require. These lidding films are available for a number of packaging options, including forming, non-forming, semi-rigid, rigid container, and label formats with fusion. Several seal options are available, including peelable and peel/re-seal options.

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