sliced bread in bag


ABX is the leading choice for bakery packaging
including bags for sliced bread, rolls, buns,
bagels, tortillas, and more. Our innovative
technology offers a variety of barrier options,
superior freshness protection, and outstanding
shelf appeal.

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Flexible Packaging for Bakery Products

Customizable shelf appeal

ABX’s in-house graphics and plate making capabilities, along with our award-winning high-impact 10 color flexographic printing, will ensure your products stand out on the shelf.

Experience to make your vision happen

Serving the bakery market for over 40 years, we understand customer needs and have the evolved products and processes to deliver performance and value.

ABX bread packaging


Innovation you can see. The Freshview™ bag design provides an opaque white back with a clear top panel for a unique, high-quality look. Utilizing a white opaque lane within a clear film to highlight product view and accentuate print, Freshview™ delivers on helping your brand stand out on the shelf.

ABX wheat bread packaging

Fresh & Frozen Bakery

At ABX our fresh and frozen bakery products utilize both blown and cast films for strength and barrier. ABX’s wicketed bags are suitable for a variety of fresh and frozen bakery products, including but not limited to: bread, buns, bagels, English muffins, tortillas, dough, cinnamon rolls, French toast, pancakes, and waffles.

Our bags are engineered from high puncture-resistant materials reducing waste from the grocery store to the consumer’s kitchen. Customization is limited by only your imagination and branding requirements. Even better, these films are available in a wide range of bag formats and sizes, including conventional, round, and square bottom bags. Finish these bags with zipper or wicketed finishing options.

dry bakery packaging

Bakery Dry Ingredients Packaging

Dry ingredients such as bakery mixes can require a wide range of packaging materials to meet specific barrier and machinability needs. ABX’s diverse capabilities provide a range of offerings from surface-printed unsupported films to barrier tandem film/foil laminations.

sustainable graphic

Sustainability Drives our Innovations

We offer sustainable options for bakery products including:

  • Recyclable film (in-store drop off)
  • Reduced material content
  • Bio-sourced materials
  • Food-grade post-consumer recycled content (PCR)
  • Compostable materials

Our sustainability promise is more than just materials, it’s a comprehensive process. The ABX environmental commitment also incorporates our manufacturing processes, including material reuse and energy conservation.

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